I love words, always have, and I adore happening on just the right word to describe a feeling.  Today, the word buoyant began to bounce around in my head like a pinball machine.  Faster and faster, until I decided that it was because I FELT buoyant.  Something about the warm weather, the blue skies, the light breeze, a walk downtown, lunch and an after work glass of wine with good friends. 

As I sat outside and enjoyed that magical time of day some people refer to as the witching hour, memories and images began to flood my mind and I soaked them up with a thankful heart.  Like brightly colored plastic balls in grocery store bins as a child, kite flying on the beach, parachute day in gym class, jumping impossibly high on the trampoline, floating in the ocean looking at the sky and those fluttery feelings when you’re first falling in love.

I was reminded of a wonderfully fitting song by Frank Sinatra, “Suddenly it’s Spring”.  Enjoy.

“Why is my heart dancing? Imagine dancing.

You look at me and suddenly it’s spring.

Why do I keep sighing? Not sad.  Just sighing.

I’m young and free and it’s suddenly spring.”

 See ya later, I gotta bounce…