A couple of months ago, I was nominated as one of the 2012 Mardi Gras Athens Queen hopefuls.  This fundraising event benefits Family Counseling Services of Athens,  a local non-profit counseling agency.  They provide counseling to North Georgia residents and have counselors that specialize in several different treatment areas.  You can learn more about this valuable organization by visiting their website http://www.fcsathens.com/ .  There are plenty of ways that you can volunteer your services and I encourage you to do so.

The goal of the nominees is to earn the most “votes” and each vote costs one dollar.  You can raise money however you like and the King and Queen hopefuls that raise the most money are crowned during a really fun event that was held at The Melting Point this year and included dinner, a silent auction, attendees in bright, colorful costumes, a band and lots of dancing.  It was a great night, we raised a lot of money and it all went to a worthy cause.  Oh and I was crowned Queen, which really isn’t the point…oh, who I am kidding, it’s TOTALLY the point!

I had a blast.  Occasions where I am actually encouraged to where feather boas and masks are sadly becoming few and far between, so I took advantage of it!  I also wrote a little poem to commemorate the night, which I read on stage, right before making one final walk around the event asking people for last minute cash donations. 

For your reading pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.  Drumroll please…


2012 Mardi Gras Athens Queen

Once upon a time, there was a wanna be queen 

She was short and blonde with a mouth like a sailor…and she often drank wine and told of times long past when she lived in a pink trailer.

So door to door, she begged and she pleaded…to raise money for where it was needed.

Over and over she asked…who in the all the land will donate the most… And lets not forget that she sent out many a facebook post.

So in her quest to be Mardi Gras Queen, many a suitor asked the question…if I give you my gold will you show me your boobies?

To which she royally replied…to see those it will cost you nothing less than rubies