Recently as I was perusing Pinterest, I was looking at my “Home” board and I was hit with the realization that…apparently, I love tufting on furniture.  Yes, it’s true.  If you build it and tuft it, I will love it.

Now, if right about now you’re wondering “what the hell is Pinterest?”, you should either A. immediatedly stop reading this blog post and go to (your life is about to change and yes, I will send you an invite) OR B. keep reading and pretend you never heard of Pinterest (if you’re prone to addictive behaviors and are already having trouble with the amount of time you spend on Facebook).

All I have to say is that if you’re female and a few months from now your husband wants a divorce and DFCS has been to your house, I sincerely apologize.  And if you’re male and this post gave your wife/girlfriend one more reason not to have sex with you, well…sorry.  No really, I TRULY AM sorry and I’m sure that she really DID have a headache.  One that was probably caused by staring at her computer screen for hours…on Pinterest.

Anyhow, back to tufting.  As I was admiring the many pieces of tufted furniture on my board, I started thinking about the word tuft, as in “their heads are gray to black with white tufts of fur” or as my best guy friend once unforgettably said to me in high school “you should really tell (friend who shall go nameless) that she has a tuft of hair coming out of her bikini bottom”.  I also thought about elephant tufts for a few seconds before I realized that I was confusing “tufts” with “tusks”.  I’m just going to go ahead and blame that one on the wine.  Happy Pinning!!