So, my 4 month vacation in Raleigh has come to an end and I’m moving back to Athens.  I accepted a great job with the Athens Banner Herald as a Digital Media Sales Consultant.  I start next week!  Even more than that (don’t tell the ABH), I’m tickled pink to be closer to my sister who is due in the next few weeks with my very first nephew and to all of my wonderful friends, who I have dearly missed.

In many ways the last several months have been a time for reflection and prioritization and I’ll share some of my thoughts.  I’ll try to avoid sounding too cliché or like a Hallmark card.  Please don’t throw up and yes, I really wrote this.

1. Cherish your loved ones.  Life has a way of letting us slip into the habit of taking the people we love the most for granted.  Make time for them.  Show them with words AND actions how much they mean to you.  I was surprised by how deeply I felt the void of not being able to see my loved ones frequently and how sad it made me to think I wouldn’t be close enough to be a big part of my nephew’s life.

2. Make the time to do the things that are important to you.  Reading and running are 2 of my passions because I find them both to be revitalizing and calming.  They help center me and I feel improved as a person during and after both activities.  We all have self-destructive behaviors that we tend to turn to when we’re tired or stressed, but I find that mine are held at bay when I consistently perform activities that I am passionate about.

3. Be BOLD.  Seize your destiny.  Live in a way that makes YOU happy.  Decide what you want and go after it.  Regret and doubt are slow killers and will poison your life.

4. Live passionately.  Recapture your zest for life.  Enjoy all that the world has to offer-people, food, wine, music, dancing, kisses, lovemaking, laughter, friends, sunshine, rain, flowers, children and love.

I’m ready and eager for my next chapter and while mine will involve a move and a new job, yours doesn’t have to…