This time last week I was lying flat on my back on the wet asphalt while it rained, with a roll of duct tape beside me, under my car trying to figure out what exactly was causing the scraping noise every time I drove.  I mean, I knew that had something to do with the car accident I had been involved in the night before, but what WAS it??  At first I was convinced that it was the interior plastic wheel well covers scraping the tire.  This is where the duct tape came in…just a word to the wise-duct tape will NOT stick on dirty, wet metal.  It really doesn’t matter how much you use, it’s just not happening.  Once I really got under the car to look, I could see that the hard plastic cover that shields the underside of all that important car stuff,  like you know…the engine, was actually bent back underneath the car.  Ah ha, THAT’S what was causing that scraping noise!

The Culprit

I thought that I might just be able pull it off, but of course every bolt had come out except one, so my only choice was to try and bend that piece back to its original position.  Now, you may not realize it, but it’s REALLY hard to do much of anything under a car unless it’s jacked up or on one of those hydraulic lifts, so I almost couldn’t believe it when it actually worked!  I got up off the ground, wet, dirty and more than a little pissed at myself and the situation.   Obviously with just one bolt holding it up it was kind of just flopping around down there, but no more scraping when I drove it!

Since moving to Raleigh, I’ve been using Express Inspection and Service on the corner of Walnut and S.E. Maynard in Cary for oil changes and to check a few minor things on the car.  The owner is this older gentleman named Turk (it says so on his shirt) and I’ll admit I have a little crush on him because he just comes across as so genuine and is always extremely helpful.  Using his fancy hydraulic system, Turk was able to get that pesky plastic shield off and we put it in my trunk until I had an opportunity to talk to my insurance agent, the always helpful Mike Dekle, at State Farm Insurance-thanks Mike and Dana!

Sayonara, old friend

After finding out that my accident had bent the frame of the car, I made the decision that the time had come to retire my 2000 Honda Accord-sad, but time.  That car served me well over the last 10 years and never needed more than your normal engine, tire and brake maintenance.

So, I started the process of looking for a new car.  Honda was an obvious choice for me, since I’ve had such a positive experience, but Hyundai’s kept making their way into my conversations with people.  I went online and found a Hyundai Dealership-Johnson Hyundai of Cary.  As a career salesperson, first in real estate and then in hospitality, I recognize good customer service when I see it.  The team here didn’t just provide good service, they provided SUPERIOR customer service and I’m happy to say that dealing with them was one of the best buying experiences I’ve ever had.  Buying a car is a big undertaking for anyone, but can be especially so when you’re a single woman.  Between being taken advantage of or just being treated like you’ve got jelly for brains, working with a shady car salesman or mechanic can be dangerous and frustrating when you’re female.  I highly recommend them to anyone that is in the market for a new or used car-tell them I sent you!

Brad Street and Barry. Just because his intials are BS doesn't mean he's slingin' it

I worked with two of Johnson Hyundai’s salesmen, Barry, who is brand new to car sales and Brad Street, a seasoned pro.  I couldn’t have asked for a better sales team.  They were honest, courteous and most important, they made

sure I had plenty of snack food anytime I had to wait!

There were some cookies that didn't last long enough to make it into the picture...

Once I had chosen a car it was time to talk numbers, so I sat down with the Financial Services Manager, Randy Weber.  Randy was hired away from another car dealership by Johnson Hyundai and I can definitely see why.  He has the unique ability to put you at ease and as he walked me through the financial process, I had the feeling that I was sitting across from a trusted friend.  Randy had a lot of tiny candy bars on his desk and when he told me to help myself, I decided that we really WERE friends.

Randy Weber a.k.a. The Magic Man

A Winning Team!

Once the process was complete, it was time to say goodbye to my old car and unfortunately that meant that I had to clean it out.  Oh boy…not fun.  My trunk, much like my purse, is like a black hole and I found all sorts of things in there.

Apparently these are the necessities for today's modern woman

A rusty machete and a rubber mallet for those Mad Max kind of days

For those last minute, surprise costume parties and when I want to use those great maternity parking spots

After cleaning out the car, it was time to drive my new Certified Used 2011 Hyundai Sonata home-YAY!!

If anyone needs me, I’ll be out and about taking care of completely unnecessary errands.