Hello again and on to Part Two of A Groovy Weekend!  As I was saying, Project Safe is a fantastic non-profit organization in Athens, Georgia.  Their mission is to work to end domestic violence through crisis intervention, ongoing supportive services, systems change advocacy and prevention and education in the community.  The organization has been extremely successful in planning fundraisers that engage Athens community members who have disposable income with events that embrace Athens’ spirit of creativity and sense of fun.  You can learn more about Project Safe (including Groovy Nights) and how to contribute by checking out their website http://www.projectsafe.org/ .    

Ethan I grabbed an early morning breakfast and then said our goodbyes back at the hotel.  Then the marathon (eating) socializing spree began!


Company: A man not named Ethan

Location: The Grill

On the menu: steak and cheese sandwich, fries with feta dressing, orange juice, coffee


Company: Sheila Coffeen and Lindsey Halper

Location: George’s Low Country Table

On the menu: garlic cheese biscuits, crab bisque, bloody mary, mimosa


Company: Stephanie Sharp, Emily Karst, Amelia Longenecker, Amy Clark

Location: Penthouse 501, Hotel Indigo

On the menu: margaritas and mango strips


Company: Stephanie Sharp, Andrea Griffith, Kelly Girtz

Location: The National

On the Menu: hummus, hanger steak, wine

After dinner we headed to Groovy Nights in our Groovy outfits.  It was SO great seeing so many old Athens’ friends all in the same place and all in costume!

Groovy Man, Just Groovy

The place was packed full of people in full 70’s costumes.  I have to say that while I thought my outfit was very disco dancing queen while I was putting it together, it didn’t really turn out looking that 70’s.  I tried to make up for that by posing in very 70’s-ish positions throughout the night, like this…

Saturday Night Fever

and this…

Peace and Love

Even though I had practiced these moves in front of the mirror at home in full costume several times, it must not have worked because I didn’t win the costume contest.  Apparently a wig is the key to making a 70’s costume truly funky.

Baby Afro-Puffs meet Momma Fro!

Or a hat.  Maybe I’ll wear a hat AND a wig next year!

Two Cool Cats

 After a few cocktails and a LOT of dancing, we headed down to Little Kings, glittery cinderella shoes in hand with my walking flip flops on for the trek.  Hey, I wear heels with the best of them, but even I know that you’d better come prepared if you’re wearing $29 shoes bought as Charlotte Russe!  I was expecting a really chill, laid back atmosphere when we got to Little Kings, so you can imagine my surprise when they had a DJ spinning old school hits like “Me So Horny”, “Sally, That Girl” and “When Doves Cry”.  Uh oh, dancing time again! 

The next morning, I surprisingly woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed and decided to go ahead and get on the road.  By 8:30am that’s exactly where I was-headed back to live the life of Raleigh!